Saturday, March 27, 2010

2010 is moving real fast....

The year 2010 is moving fast, rapidly seems like a better word. I regret to say at this point of time that in my last semester in an Engineering University, I've accomplished very little in terms of applying my technological know how into practical use.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not as lazy as I may seem. It's just that I have never really tried to get my hands dirty. I consider it too menial a job for a 'soon-to-pass-out' Engineer like me. I guess that's where I've gotten it all wrong.

To quote my mentor, a.k.a my very awesome Dad, "If you'd like to have an expensive racing gloves, you've got to get your hands dirty first".

Somehow I've always interpreted it as "Me = Good (?) Engineer = Hire people to do the dirty work for me".

But from what I've heard, nobody will help you until you help yourself. I've heard that the world outside my safe Campus is not so friendly, and I have to prepare myself. I'd be happy if I knew how to but I don't.

My pass-out seniors are in their own busy world and looks like I have to seek help from my ever helping Parents. Probably even seek shelter, food and clothing from them till I reach a 'mature' age of 25 (Dad, Mom are you listening, don't freak out:-D)

I've tried to get my hands dirty sometimes though, although that may have been when no help/ slave/ victim was around: D

I've repaired the following:

Hub power supply (unsuccessful)
Web Camera circuitry (successful)
Various electrical fittings (mostly successful, sometimes ending with a minor electric shock)
Optical mouse (with the help of a colleague, one my most proud achievements till date)
Replacing the capacitor in my headphones (successful)
Changing the bush in my electric cooler's motor (successful)
Repairing an old water pump (unsuccessful)
Electric water heater (successful)

Although I can't put all this up in my CV, I could say for the least that I'm preparing myself for the tasks which I may have to do soon as part of my Profession.

I hope I'm successful in my endeavors. Wish me Luck.


Tandarin Nike said...

Here's wishing you lots of luck. You have the right approach, hence you will be an excellent engineer. Good frank post which can get a good employer hire you at his own risk...

Ankush Naik said...

Haha, Thank you.

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