Friday, April 30, 2010

I think sportsmen aren’t sportsmen anymore.

My opinion was only solidified when I witnessed the live IPL ( Indian Premier League) cricket match the other day at the Jumta Stadium here in Nagpur.

Why I make such a statement is because, we the people and I mean majorly the people of the Indian subcontinent are die hard cricket fans. Its truly a religion in India.

I mean insulting a player or a team would nearly amount to blasphemy.
But it makes me feel that this attitude has been feeding the ego of those very sportsmen who we love to watch perform out there on the green field.

But these sportsmen pretend like they rule the roost and that they can call the shots.

All the players at the stadium were of course aware that there were about 2000 eager spectators staring, clapping and singing for them. But none seemed to even want to acknowledge their fans , the very same fans who they play for.

They have forgotten that its because of those people’s undying love and interest for the game that big sponsors are willing to pump in Millions of Dollars and thus helping them earn what they earn, which to my knowledge makes them richer in one game than any average spectator makes in five years.

And yet those people love their Idols, their mentor. Watching them play is like an event which acts as means to get away from a harried life that takes them nowhere.

Ego, Attitude, Brash behavior is what few sportsperson in India have accumulated in their persona in the last few years. I have seem some players treating excited fans like animals, telling security personnel to throw them out because they were singing some songs which according to that particular player wasn’t called for during the game.

I shun them, in the name of disrespect to fellow human beings. I, as a matter of fact decided to elude the game of cricket after seeing few live episodes of the so called ‘harassed’ players ditching their fans and making away in their luxury, bullet proof vehicles leaving fans, probably thousands stuck behind in a mob struggle to catch a wavering glimpse of their heroes.

How funny is this situation, we crib about what we love.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lame ass poetry!

Hi folks, I'd like to share with you this lame-ass limerick me and my fellow colleagues wrote to belittle one another, although it was just plain fun. Read and enjoy.

Me :
Together We Cry.

Ravi Popat :
Together we die.
Gotta work. Gotta play.
So till then, Cheerio, Goodbye.

Me :
Goodbye, Goodbye
I'll stay Sober, while you get High :P

Ravi Popat :
High my arse, high my arse.
In sobriety, time will thus pass.
Eye-lids falleth, yes, and so,
I'll sleep; that you should know.

Ankush Naik :
Rhyme rhyme is all I see.
We must all get a life, us three.

Ravi Popat :
U don't fit here, dude, you don't.
Why comment then, if you won't?
Life, you must get; not us two.
You would but ah! If only you knoo.

Ankush Naik :
I'm not going to indulge in a battle of rhymes with you,
I could beat u, trash u is more true.
Let's just assume we both are good @ what we do,
Better not tease me, u smart lil shrew.

Ravi Popat :
Lame as you were; proven that you are.
Your poetry, my friend, from witty its far.
Don't speak or read or tell or write.
Don't then complain, demean you if I might.

Ankush Naik :
Like your dp, your brain is as dark,
You can't bite, but can bark.
If you were smart you'd have ended this game,
My jokes may be bad, but my punches aren't the same( :P )

Ravi Popat :
Nice, nice. That one be nice.
Some wit, some humor, you be learning.
Be now just a li'l less than half as lice.
And some respect you be earning.

Ankush Naik :
Thank you, that praise was long due,
Take it as a lesson, take it as a clue.
We can still be friends, if u so desire.
We can learn from each other & talent we can admire.

Ravi Popat :
Truce and peace, me mind says.
But me mouth thinks otherwise.
Slander it blurts and thus betrays,
Me mind; Truce? Ah! It lies.

Continue me will, to take your case.
While thou still can, flee.
No marks, no prints, no leave trace.
If me finds, it'll be my glee.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The world is my Oyster.

I have been told this several times by my Parents, Peers, Well wishers,
Uncles, Aunts and every other possible person.

It's unbelievable, but yes I can dream to accomplish anything I want to. I'm in a stage of my life where I have to think about where I want to be in the future and the best part is I can dream about doing and being anything I want to be.

Thanks to whom then?

Well, thanks to my parents who have given me the best gift of Education. And thanks to their undying devotion to my well being. They have just given me an opportunity to practically rule this world.

I want to thank my country, India as well, which emphasizes on good quality secondary education at a throw away price.

That dream of having a dream home, job, car now seems round the corner. I can confidently tell my Parents, Peers et al that I've done them proud. I was nervous, petrified, mortified, worried and every imaginable word describing fear and anxiety at first, but now 4 years hence I laugh at myself.

All this while I was learning, experimenting and now I've got the results. I've realized that I am who I want to be. The feeling is euphoric.

To all my well-wishers out there, I thank thee.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

As I watch from above, this day, like the rest of the other weekdays seems no different.

Alarm set for 8:00, 8:10, 8:20...9:00 am. Regularly snoozing the alarm until its just time to make it to the lecture hall. Returning from 4 agonizingly long hours of class and lying comatose till its nearly time for the dorm mess to close.

Back in the room, after a 20 minute hiatus and flopping back onto the bed. Switching on the laptop and playing some AC-DC songs, simultaneously juggling a Communications Engineering book and siphoning off a cold glass of lemonade. This summer is killing and a cold glass of lemonade seems to compensate the need to have hot pipping beverages in one's mug. Then as the clock strikes 6, the internet is made available to the entertainment hungry youth. Downloads begin and a plethora of topics are discussed before going to the aforementioned mess. Mostly it ends with blatant sarcasm about how awesome the food was.

This routine is same, all five days of the week.

Late nights, hunger knocks again. This is taken care of by hogging on some delicacies (read: sarcasm) and returning back to head to the toilet. Ho boy those delicacies really need to be checked by a health official.

Then comes the weekend. Time to go out and have some fun!

Returning late night and watching a movie in the comfort of the room is great. Serves like a getaway from those overtly excited, if not drunk friends. Getting up next day is the same as weekdays sans the alarm clock shouting its wits out. Surprisingly, be it weekends or weekdays, the time of waking up nearly remains the same.

The constant humming of the electric cooler is something that I've gotten used to. Helps keep the room cooler. Sometimes some hardware devices are tinkered with and eventually thrown into a pile of previously decapitated hardware stuff. Lots of friends visit and sometimes its like a mini-party everyday.

This is his life in a nutshell, by his I mean Ankush Naik's. Who am I then? I'm just a ceiling fan in his room.