Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you FBI material?

You probably think that your chances of becoming an FBI agent are about as likely as becoming a pro football player or an astronaut, right?

Think again.

So how can you actually become an agent yourself? If you think it's all about how well you shoot a gun and conduct intense interrogations, you're wrong. According to the FBI, there are five different "entry programs"; through which job applicants can be considered for the role of Special Agent. And the surprising news? Some of the paths are anything but rarefied, special-ops kind of careers.

1. Accounting
If you're an accountant, you might not think of yourself as FBI material - but the Bureau begs to differ.

In fact, if you're a certified CPA with a bachelor's degree, and at least three years of accounting experience or the corporate equivalent, the FBI would be very interested in talking to you. Now that would be quite an interesting career change, wouldn't it?

2. Computer Science/Information Technology
If you'd like to inject a little intrigue and excitement into your computer career, you might consider working for the FBI.

Given that many investigations have now shifted into the digital world, it's no surprise that the FBI is looking for computer experts. Investigators regularly comb through massive amounts of digital data in order to find the clue that might solve a seemingly unsolvable crime or prevent a terrorist attack. So a Bachelor's degree in Electrical or Computer Science Engineering will help.

3. Language
Based on current Bureau needs, fluency in certain languages is absolutely critical.

With a four-year Bachelor's degree in any discipline - plus knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, as well as many more languages, you can qualify for this FBI enrollment path, assuming you can pass a high-competency test.

So if you're fluent, you have a chance to put those skills to good use. And you thought those language classes your mother made you take weren't worth anything.

4. Law
Another way into the FBI is by becoming a lawyer. You must qualify by earning a JD from an accredited law school. Prior to law school, people generally earn an unde
rgraduate degree in a discipline such as English, political science, or criminal justice.

5. Diversified
The FBI's fifth and final enrollment program could actually be called "other"; because it covers every other discipline that the Bureau deems valuable. Are you a psychologist, detective, scientist, or mathematician? This may be your ticket to becoming a Special Agent.

So if you feel you have all the necessary qualifications to be an FBI agent, then here's your chance.

All the best! ;)


Tandarin Nike said...

Good humourous post. Looks like its your forte. Keep them coming attaboy Ankush.

Ankush Naik said...

Hehe, sure.

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