Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Richie Rich Octopus.

So an Octopus, a mere sea creature who has been living in an aquarium his whole life has stuck it big. And here I was in the impression that hard work lead to satisfied living and wholesome life. Paul, the soothsayer has made it big, and the best part is everybody but him are aware of his good fortune.

Paul couldn't have lived in a better time, this being said, Octopuses don't live for more than 3 years and our Paul is very near his end, 6 months to be precise. Then again, that's probably a generous assessment of how long people will remember him anyway.

Up to $4.5 million for the endorsement of an octopus that ate a clam out of a box labeled with the flag of a match-winning team eight consecutive times? It's ridiculous, but when you consider the money paid to humans who have done far less than that to endorse a wide range of horrible products, it starts to make sense.

After predicting the Spanish national team's win in the World Cup, Germany psychic octopus Paul has become a world star among animals with his remarkable ability to tell the outcome of soccer matches. Now that the World Cup has ended, Paul the prognosticator will also retire from football forecasting.

Recently, Paul's aquarium in Oberhausen has received many fan emails and letters asking questions like, "Did my husband lie to me?" "Can I pass the math test?" "How long will Merkel's ruling coalition hold on?" and so on. They all wish to get the correct answers from genius Paul.

However, a spokesman for Paul's aquarium in Oberhausen said that Paul won't give any more oracle predictions – in football or in politics, lifestyle or economy. Instead, he will get back to his former job, namely making children laugh.

Actually, if there were no World Cup predictions, Paul would still be one of the most popular stars of Oberhausen. But since the South African World Cup, Oberhausen has become known to more people.

To commemorate his amazing achievement, the brilliant octopus Paul was presented with a golden cup honoring his prognosticating prowess and also got better food like Alaska salmon and crab in addition to shellfish.

I wonder if I had few more legs and predicted the winners of each match correctly as Paul did, would I strike it as big?

So keep an eye out for Paul the octopus billboards, TV ads and Happy Meal toys over the coming months. Followed by the most expensive octopus dish ever.


Tandarin Nike said...

Thats a fabulous post. Liked the humour. Keep it up.

Nandini Raghav Corner said...

Hey!!!! thats a very good humoured post. I too have been following this octopus story here in Hong Kong where it has a celebrity following. There is one more bird in Singapore which earned some fame but lost to join the dutch. What a debacle.

Ankush Naik said...

Yes, that's a parrot by the name of Mani. :)

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