Thursday, November 4, 2010

>Look there, ohonekanobione, what is that?
>That looks like a small cone.
>But it's swaying in the wind!
>You're right, it is!
>There seems to be so many of them, where are we?
>This is all alien to me; I have no idea whatsoever.
>Let's move faster, press the booster switch and increase throttle.
> I am, I am, but the apparent laws of motion seem to be different here.
>Let me handle it, you look out and make sure we're not being tracked or followed.
>Okay, krastymoki, but it does seem harder to exit than enter.
>I know, just make sure we don't lose altitude, who ever is down there will not like us snooping on them.
>Look, I can see some lights down below, what are they?
>They seem to be moving like us, but only they are lower in altitude than us.
>Yes, weird things going on down there!
>Hey, what is that?
>What is what, Ohonekanobione?
>Seems to me like a giant object flying far away from us.
>Ho boy, is this a weird place or what!
>You bet! I have never seen anything like this before.
>Me neither, but we have been given orders and we have to execute them.
>I wonder why Mastekyuman assigned us this task?
>I wonder too, I feel safer at home than wandering so far.
>I'm just glad, Mastekyuman didn't tell us to explore this place by walking.
>Me too, I don't feel safe even up here.
>This place looks so primitive, nothing like our place huh?!
>Oh yeah, we are miles ahead, this is just one big disappointment.
>What say we leave some mark on that ground there and vamoose?
>Good idea, what kinda mark should we leave?
>Hmm, try concentric circles with smaller circles around it.
>Okay, done.
>Let's scoot!


>What was that, Rick?
>Alert the control tower!
>I saw them beaming at some trees earlier and then shine rays on a field nearby.
>Alert the chief, I think we have a UFO situation here.
>Okay, keep your eyes on the radar and keep me posted.
>Sure thing.


>Hey, they are beaming on us.
>Forget these primates, let's get out of here.
>Sure, weird planet huh, Ohonekanobione?
>Yes, our planet is a lot safer, and I don't think these people like us very much.
>Yeah, weird, and all we came to do was extend a hand of friendship.
>Guess that's outta the window.
>Yeah, let's tell the chief that this Blue planet is the least intelligent planet and that we found nothing significant except beings with 2 legs, 2 hands, 1 head; unlike us with 1 leg, 3 hands and 2 heads.
>Haha, Blue planet people sure are weird.


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