Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Signal acquisition module targets audio and vibration testing

ADLINK Technology Inc. has released the PCI-9527, billed as their first 24-bit high-resolution dynamic signal acquisition module specifically designed for audio testing, acoustic measurement, and vibration analysis applications.

The PCI-9527 features two 24-bit simultaneous sampling analogue input channels with a sampling rate up to 432 KS/s, two analogue output channels with update rates up to 216 KS/s, and one external digital trigger I/O connector.

The PCI-9527 has a dynamic input range of more than 100 dB, an adjustable input range from ±0.316 V to ±40 V, and analogue inputs that support software-configurable features for AC or DC coupling and integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors for interfacing with an accelerometer sensor and microphone.

Overall, the PCI-9527 offers the flexibility needed to create a variety of automated test systems.

Potential uses of the PCI-9527 include production testing for television sets, MP3 players, and other multimedia devices where high-quality sound is essential.

It can also be integrated into monitoring systems for mission-critical machinery, such as turbines in a power station. Defects in the metal components of the turbines would generate abnormal sounds and vibration in operation, which would require high-dynamic range audio equipment to detect.

The PCI-9527 includes drivers and SDK support for mainstream Windows operating systems as well as third-party applications, including LabVIEW.

ADLINK also provides the Dynamic Signal Assistant APP Utility, an application designed to assist system integrators in validation and reduce overall design cycle time.

Image courtesy: ADLINK


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