Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lame ass poetry!

Hi folks, I'd like to share with you this lame-ass limerick me and my fellow colleagues wrote to belittle one another, although it was just plain fun. Read and enjoy.

Me :
Together We Cry.

Ravi Popat :
Together we die.
Gotta work. Gotta play.
So till then, Cheerio, Goodbye.

Me :
Goodbye, Goodbye
I'll stay Sober, while you get High :P

Ravi Popat :
High my arse, high my arse.
In sobriety, time will thus pass.
Eye-lids falleth, yes, and so,
I'll sleep; that you should know.

Ankush Naik :
Rhyme rhyme is all I see.
We must all get a life, us three.

Ravi Popat :
U don't fit here, dude, you don't.
Why comment then, if you won't?
Life, you must get; not us two.
You would but ah! If only you knoo.

Ankush Naik :
I'm not going to indulge in a battle of rhymes with you,
I could beat u, trash u is more true.
Let's just assume we both are good @ what we do,
Better not tease me, u smart lil shrew.

Ravi Popat :
Lame as you were; proven that you are.
Your poetry, my friend, from witty its far.
Don't speak or read or tell or write.
Don't then complain, demean you if I might.

Ankush Naik :
Like your dp, your brain is as dark,
You can't bite, but can bark.
If you were smart you'd have ended this game,
My jokes may be bad, but my punches aren't the same( :P )

Ravi Popat :
Nice, nice. That one be nice.
Some wit, some humor, you be learning.
Be now just a li'l less than half as lice.
And some respect you be earning.

Ankush Naik :
Thank you, that praise was long due,
Take it as a lesson, take it as a clue.
We can still be friends, if u so desire.
We can learn from each other & talent we can admire.

Ravi Popat :
Truce and peace, me mind says.
But me mouth thinks otherwise.
Slander it blurts and thus betrays,
Me mind; Truce? Ah! It lies.

Continue me will, to take your case.
While thou still can, flee.
No marks, no prints, no leave trace.
If me finds, it'll be my glee.


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