Thursday, April 1, 2010

As I watch from above, this day, like the rest of the other weekdays seems no different.

Alarm set for 8:00, 8:10, 8:20...9:00 am. Regularly snoozing the alarm until its just time to make it to the lecture hall. Returning from 4 agonizingly long hours of class and lying comatose till its nearly time for the dorm mess to close.

Back in the room, after a 20 minute hiatus and flopping back onto the bed. Switching on the laptop and playing some AC-DC songs, simultaneously juggling a Communications Engineering book and siphoning off a cold glass of lemonade. This summer is killing and a cold glass of lemonade seems to compensate the need to have hot pipping beverages in one's mug. Then as the clock strikes 6, the internet is made available to the entertainment hungry youth. Downloads begin and a plethora of topics are discussed before going to the aforementioned mess. Mostly it ends with blatant sarcasm about how awesome the food was.

This routine is same, all five days of the week.

Late nights, hunger knocks again. This is taken care of by hogging on some delicacies (read: sarcasm) and returning back to head to the toilet. Ho boy those delicacies really need to be checked by a health official.

Then comes the weekend. Time to go out and have some fun!

Returning late night and watching a movie in the comfort of the room is great. Serves like a getaway from those overtly excited, if not drunk friends. Getting up next day is the same as weekdays sans the alarm clock shouting its wits out. Surprisingly, be it weekends or weekdays, the time of waking up nearly remains the same.

The constant humming of the electric cooler is something that I've gotten used to. Helps keep the room cooler. Sometimes some hardware devices are tinkered with and eventually thrown into a pile of previously decapitated hardware stuff. Lots of friends visit and sometimes its like a mini-party everyday.

This is his life in a nutshell, by his I mean Ankush Naik's. Who am I then? I'm just a ceiling fan in his room.



Tandarin Nike said...

You guys seem to be having a ball of a time. Liked the post. Keep writing my boy... keep writing. This will take you far for sure.

Ankush Naik said...

Danke :)

Sajini said...

love this 1!! totally u!! :-*

Alok's World said...

nice post.... something different..

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