Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back in 2006, just after completing my High School I was in a dilemma.

My dilemma was about what career I was going to choose after schooling. I was pretty sure about Engineering as I've always harbored an interest in this particular field. But the question was, what field of Engineering do I choose from?

The term 'Engineering' encompasses a myriad of fields. What branch do I choose, what does one do in those fields, what qualifications do I need to secure a seat in any particular branch, what kind of knowledge is required, what is expected of me and what are my responsibilities. These were some of the few, and I stress few questions I was faced with .

As time flew by, I got a chance to research, reason, and eliminate few branches that I was offered. One of them which I didn't reject, or for that matter accept was Food Technology Engineering. I did very little research on it and I must admit I thought of myself being a "bavarchi" or cook if I took it up.

Now lets look at why I didn't take it up.

Reasons for not taking Food Technology Engineering:

1. Male ego. Cooking is only for women, or so I told my self-taught mind. WRONG!
2. I will always have to be around food, and thus be in a kitchen, no matter how fancy. WRONG!
3. While I love working with tools, my tools here would be knifes, ladles, mixers, grills etc. WRONG!
4. While my peers, friends and college buddies discuss latest technologies in their respective 'manly' fields I will be merely talking about new advances in cooking methods. WRONG!
5. Family wise, I may be called the home-maker. WRONG!

These points that I've mentioned are the most 'politically-correct' points I could think of. Believe me, I was having a gala time giving well decorated reasons to myself on why I should never, ever take up Food Engineering. Some of my points, which I will never make public for the sake of some women readers, would make the fairer sex hate my guts for life. But I can add the word 'wrong' in capitals after my four years of living in India and understanding that we all perceive life in out own ways, but they may not necessarily be or workout that way.

Now lets look at what would have happened had I taken up FTE.

1. I would be in the forefront of food technology, developing technology for astronauts, air-force pilots, officers working for months inside submarines, off shore workers, Soldiers, workers on tanker ships etc.
2. I would travel the world, probably, if I'm an expert, and gain an inside knowledge on food in terms of nutrition, calorific value and know the best foods for different kinds of jobs.
3. This point is the most simple one. I would know how to cook. Anything, anywhere.
4. This one's the best of all, And I quote my Dad "you will never die hungry." Haha, classic.

I'm now a graduate in Telecommunications and yes, I have learnt how to cook some food for basic sustenance. But I've always wondered what life would have been had I chosen Food Technology Engineering.


Tandarin Nike said...

Hey Ankush!!! You would have succeeded in a career with food. Thats for sure. Its dedication and an sincere attitude which matters. Here's wishing you the best in your chosen career. Good post... keep writing!

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