Sunday, December 13, 2009

Compliments of the Season....

Christmas is fast approaching and each one of us is in a festive mood. But friends, there are few people who are battling for life even during this joyous season.

“Please Sir, spare some money for this begging soul,” my hired auto halted at a signal, and outside stood a ragged girl. Christmas season had set in, and the streets were covered with mild shower. Festiveness had enlightened everyone’s mind, but here was a girl, who had no means of satisfying even her basic needs.

Shivering in the bitter cold, her eyes displayed hunger due to starvation for an unknown period. Her wretched condition signaled mental and physical treachery. She stood with untidy, dirty, thin, worn-out clothes. She was constantly rubbing her body to keep herself warm. She extended her small hands, which was trembling due to pain, and partially numbed by the freezing cold air.

I reached for my wallet, but before I could display any sign of humanity, the auto driver barked, “Go! No use begging here. Make a move!” I tried to soothe her dejection by offering some money. She did not notice my aid for help, and when the signal turned green, it was a futile effort.

She walked away, rubbing her body to warm herself in the chilling cold. I kept gazing at her as she strode disheartened towards the pavement, only to be tortured by her ‘father’ for failing to retrieve any alms.

“Chota Sahib, don’t look at her,” consoled the auto driver after noticing my disappointment, “These are their means to earn quick money, this is a business, and the more we support it, the more it’ll grow.”

I strongly disbelieved this claim of my driver. I could not register this information into my mind. “Tricks? How can these be tricks? How can one suffer so much only to trick us into giving money? These people don’t have a home, nor do they have proper food. No, these are not tricks. These are only the ignorance of us common well bodied people,” I thought while remembering her atrocious condition.

Her disastrous condition haunted me the entire night. I envisioned the dearth existing in our country, imagining the hunger, unemployment, illiteracy, and more diabolically, the poverty.

The following day, I was walking near the same signal which was responsible for my discomfort. I watched helplessly when people ignored the desperate cries for help from the underprivileged section.

The street was famous for its luxurious shops and hotels, and, for these infamous dwellers. The shops were illuminated immensely to support the festive season. People walked gleefully with heaps of gifts, while, on the pavement, the poor staggered to brace for the cold winter ahead.

The sight weakened my mind. “Wasn’t there anything I could do to help?”

I continued down the road, and was startled upon an encounter. Here was the girl, who returned to her duty of begging, in order to survive. "Please sahib, give me alms,” she cried. When the words emerged from her craving mouth, I immediately reached into my pocket to bring out a one-hundred rupee note. I dropped it onto her dirty hand. She was too astounded by the amount to utter any note of thanks. She simply looked at the huge amount of money and stood stumbled. Her jaws had dropped, and she constantly rubbed her eyes, as if it was an unbelievable dream for her.

I slowly walked away, thinking that at least this one Christmas, she will fulfill her needs.

So, in this festive season, let us all extend our hands, to help the needy, and, to make this season a special one for all the somewhat weaker sections of our society.

Please do go out there and give an extending hand to these under privileged. It definitely will give you the pleasure of enjoying this festive season as you have never done before.....

Here's wishing each one of you reading my blog the best festive season ever….


Count Grishnackh said...

Ssup man ?? First things first ...Awesome blog. Altho. I wud expect lot of ur corny jokes up here rather than serios stuff :P. Anyways..keep blogging and keep us mortals entertained.
And while u have deemed yourself to be thoroughly jobless by starting a blog yourself , u mite as well wanna drop by my blogs :) ( the old one )
and ( recently launched )

Ankush said...

Dear count,

Thanks man for the +ve comments :P
I started this blog thinking it wud be fun & by golly it is. Yes, i'll be reading ur blog regularly once college starts, I need help from you in terms of writing too. Corny jokes will come up when i know ppl wont leave my blog as soon as they see them :D

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