Saturday, December 19, 2009

Modern Inventions and their perils...

Pour yourself a fresh glass of Orange juice from your juice maker, ready your plate for some warm toast from your high tech toaster and enjoy it with some Butter or Marmalade that you discover in your refrigerator.

Then enjoy some eggs made on a poacher, and then pour yourself a nice cup of black coffee from state of the art electronic coffee maker and you have a healthy breakfast, after which you are all set for the long day.

This seems like less than a normal routine for some and it is, but what we ignore is the technology that was invented to make such nutritious breakfast. We invented these gadgets to make our life easy, but these very inventions are now an indispensable part of our lives without which, our whole day would go haywire. We research new technology and these gadgets are hence in our grasp.

Today we can create anything humanly possible, but, who ever thought that we are actually slaves to our own creations. I personally don't go out without my phone, and sometimes oddly my laptop. If I don't have these items with me I feel restless, almost like I am programmed to only operate with such gadgets.

Of course one would argue that these gadgets are a must in our fast paced modern lives, but we are making ourselves more prone to being tech-savvy. Its amazes all of us how man has made so many wonderful creations like the internet for example.

The weird and the best thing about the human race is that we are never satisfied with what we have, we yearn for more and in due course we own it and then when its usage seems over, we discard it.

Einstein said that the world of creations we live in today can be compared to a grain of sand on a beach. Power & imagination of man is endless, and thus so, is his desire to create new things.I can thus be amazed to see the world around me with so many technological marvels.

The most trivial of questions arise in my mind, like how my keyboard's keys bounce back up after I've typed on them or how a ball point pen works or how a two flavor gel toothpaste retains the two layers even if you squeeze it in the most awkward way possible.

All I know is some person made these things to make our life easy and he may himself be living today in abject poverty. Be as it may, we have to sometimes pat ourselves, we have achieved things that we claimed impossible few years back.

The most phenomenal thing on our planet earth today is man. He has proved that impossible is just a non existent word. Collectively, mankind has made life so comfortable to live that all earthlings have taken it for granted. Today the things made by man are endless and will continue to grow in bounds.

My only hope is that we don't get so caught up in creating new things that we forget the true essence of life.

We may land up doing nothing at all. Thus making mankind ultimately useless.


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