Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We do hear or read astronomical news that Jupiter and Venus will be bright tonight! Immediatly there is a beeline to observe such rare events worldover.

Astronomy events awe scientist and backyard skywatching enthusiasts including me. No!, I don't own expensive telescopes nor binoculars. I live in a small city and have little chance of being able to see anything other than the sun and moon (because of the light from the city and the smog).

However, I did go to the plantarium in UK and observed the red planet Mars at its closest to earth in 50000 years in 2002.

Scientists seem to know a lot about astronomy. Today the weatherman can predict exact sunrise, sunset time and predict meteor shower will occur when and where. Thats really facinating.

As we all have noticed, astronomy books are large in size with beautiful photographs showing planets and stars along with charts showing their diameter, mass and has so many moons, and revolve around in exactly so many earth days etc etc. They even mention what gases are in their atmosphere. Astronomy has gone a long way with much research in this area.

Today, people are studying hard from the dust spectrum of Mars... This planet seems to facinate mankind and today it is the final frontier. We may have a man on mars within the next fifty years.

I think every one of us should take an intro to astronomy class in our college (if that could be arranged). I don't really know how this could be arranged. but anyone reading this blog can help out.

Astronomy is intriguing too. How does one know that certain bright objects are planets and not stars, millions of light-years away?

The sad part is, unless a huge meteorite is predicted to earth, not many people will look up. We are like a bunch of working ants... (many of them in suit-and-tie talking about the stock market). Could there be some other beings watching us like people watching ants?

Watch OUT..!!!! There is a good possibility


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