Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Cow & the Coconut Tree Saga!

Whilst in the lecture hall today, our esteemed professor came upon a statement saying, we students follow the 'Cow & Coconut tree' paradigm.

Startled, we cooed in unison that we have never heard of that statement before and that we'd like to hear the Professor's talk on this new topic rather than the subject he was ranting.

He, after taking a long pause, went on to explain his new theory.

He claimed that we students never stick to any dedicated answer during any test given to us. We vomit an answer that we supposedly know, on a question that we supposedly don't.

He went on to amuse us with an example. On a certain test a boy was asked to write the characteristics of a Coconut tree. This boy, who in the prof's example represented us, knew all about the characteristics of a Cow instead.

So he went on to decorate his paper with his answer of the Coconut tree, but with a twist. He incorporates the Cow in his answer to make it look like he has nailed the question and toggles between Cow and the Coconut Tree to make it look like he has answered the question.

This was his answer, as far as I can remember, through his brief narration..

"A Coconut tree is a fruit bearing tree and it is a very tall tree. The Coconut tree also provides good shade. It's long leaves can be used for the making of the cattle sheds, they are popularly used in sheds as sun shades, housing the cows. Now a cow is a domestic animal that gives us manure, milk and meat. It can be used extensively in farming as well. The cow is a very docile animal, so docile that it can be tied to a coconut tree without disturbing or damaging the Coconut tree. A coconut tree is a very sturdy tree........."

That's as much as I could remember from the prof's exemplanary narration, but at the end of the story there wasn't one student who wasn't holding his stomach and laughing.

For once we felt he has nailed us right on the mark.

The Cow and Coconut tree paradigm! haha!


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