Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little child within me....

"Hey young man.. C’mon just grow up" How often have we heard someone say that. I hear it everyday when I am with my family at home.

"Ankush grow up, don’t behave like a small kid". I somehow don’t understand why a small part of us, still refuses to grow up? I have come across many situations where the child in me is very much awake waiting to explode.

Many a time, we find that we have a hidden child inside us which we refuse to bring out for obvious reasons.

In my case, being a performer in my own right, it becomes necessary for me to maintain a sense of decorum and decency when I am among some people. But frankly speaking, I still feel the urge to shout, scream, giggle, express, comment, sulk about every thing happening around me.

There were so many instances, when I have discovered the child in me. A soul inside me, which still needs child like attention, who loves to be pampered, who sulks for the silliest reasons, who still fusses around for things that can generally be ignored!

But still all that I hear is.... "Ankush, U are 20+... its high time u grow up".

Do we really need to grow up? Ask me. I hate growing up. Sometimes I feel I haven't achieved anything becoming so big. What have I really learnt watching elders around me? Especially, those who have never really grown up they are twice my age. I see a lot of them here in my campus too.

Here are a few things I love to do and am sure all 20 year old love it too

*I still love chocolates and expect dad to get me some every time he goes abroad.

*I still play cricket with my society friends aged 8-10.

*I still buy paper windmills when I spot them on the road.

*I still love sleeping on my grandma's lap.

*I still love my grandmother feeding me every time I fuss to eat.

*I still love playing monopoly with my friends and whine about not winning a game.

*I still love having pillow fights with my twin-brother.

*I still expect a gift every time I win an argument.

*I still bet on the silliest of issues.

*I still make paper rockets and boats.

*I still love doing craft work.

I bet all of us have a hidden child in us which never leaves us.

Try bringing it out in abundance, at least in the privacy of your own home and among your closest of family members.

Trust me, I have seen my grand parents really like it.... though they don’t openly endorse it.


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