Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unfortunately the mask does slip .....

Have you ever witnessed any person with seemingly matured tone, and an incredibly sensitive attitude, suddenly turn around and snap viciously at his sub-ordinate, before turning once more back to you and resuming his cultivated persona?

In that split second he has let the mask slip and you have witnessed him do irreparable damage to the hours of build up he has executed for you.

For the true key-stone of our character is the way we treat those less fortunate than us, not our equals and superiors.

Why is it that we loose control of our anger only against those who cannot retaliate? Or for that matter unleash the demons within us, when nobody is looking??

Indeed it is these moments when you feel that nobody who really matters is watching and thats when you emerge in your true colours.

How you behave when your work is not supervised, how you treat your children who cannot or rather will not retaliate, how you hold up in the face of temptation really calls for your true strength of character.

Contradicting whatever I have written above, how can one's intention be tested unless they are faced with varied temptations?

How can one be really sure that they will not steal until they have been actually left with a treasure and are totally sure nobody would ever find out even if they flicked away a part of it? And lets assume that you have walked away from such a temptation once, what is the guarantee that you will do so the next time?

Thats a million dollar question which faces all of us in this multi faceted, disturbed and greedy world of today.

The truth lies not in the sparkling marble flooring that we display but in the dust that has been swept in abundance under the carpet.

It is only when the mask slips that the real individual emerges from down under.

All of us wear masks for each other as well as for ourselves. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the mask does not slip at the most critical moment.

There are a whole lot of good and bad within all of us and the fight between these two are a part of our daily lives, where the outcome depends on our upbringing, environment around us and the situations that we are put into.

The true test of character isn't in the existence of the bad within us but in the urnest ability to suppress it.

Yes!!!!! thats even when nobody is looking!!

Can you??


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