Friday, April 30, 2010

I think sportsmen aren’t sportsmen anymore.

My opinion was only solidified when I witnessed the live IPL ( Indian Premier League) cricket match the other day at the Jumta Stadium here in Nagpur.

Why I make such a statement is because, we the people and I mean majorly the people of the Indian subcontinent are die hard cricket fans. Its truly a religion in India.

I mean insulting a player or a team would nearly amount to blasphemy.
But it makes me feel that this attitude has been feeding the ego of those very sportsmen who we love to watch perform out there on the green field.

But these sportsmen pretend like they rule the roost and that they can call the shots.

All the players at the stadium were of course aware that there were about 2000 eager spectators staring, clapping and singing for them. But none seemed to even want to acknowledge their fans , the very same fans who they play for.

They have forgotten that its because of those people’s undying love and interest for the game that big sponsors are willing to pump in Millions of Dollars and thus helping them earn what they earn, which to my knowledge makes them richer in one game than any average spectator makes in five years.

And yet those people love their Idols, their mentor. Watching them play is like an event which acts as means to get away from a harried life that takes them nowhere.

Ego, Attitude, Brash behavior is what few sportsperson in India have accumulated in their persona in the last few years. I have seem some players treating excited fans like animals, telling security personnel to throw them out because they were singing some songs which according to that particular player wasn’t called for during the game.

I shun them, in the name of disrespect to fellow human beings. I, as a matter of fact decided to elude the game of cricket after seeing few live episodes of the so called ‘harassed’ players ditching their fans and making away in their luxury, bullet proof vehicles leaving fans, probably thousands stuck behind in a mob struggle to catch a wavering glimpse of their heroes.

How funny is this situation, we crib about what we love.


Tandarin Nike said...

Ego and money has played a big role in spoiling these sportsmen. The only way out is to look through specific players who overdo this. Avoid then like the plague. Good post... should get readers to think twice before patronizing these egoistic sportsmen/celebrities.

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