Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chained to chain mails??

When I say chain mail, I am sure everyone knows what menace I'm talking about, cos it spares no one.

Every bloke with an email ID is sure to have been a victim more than once, and the real sorrow is, unlike spam, chain mails are usually sent by someone the victim knows.

Tragic… Really tragic.

A few trademark mails play on people's emotions, where the subject of the mail is a non-existent little girl or boy with an unspeakable disease. Others play on people's fears, cursing them with bad luck if they don't forward.

The wonderful thing is that people still fall for these phonies. That is the hardest part. I sometimes have the same mail for about 10 times in my inbox, forwarded over and over to the same people, and I feel like screaming…

"Gimme a break!!!" Well, since I got the mail 10 times, and I haven't forwarded it even once, am I going to have bad luck for 10 lifetimes?

What? Microsoft is sharing its fortune. Bill Gates is going to give away a chunk of his shares if we forward the damn mail???

Where are your gray cells fellas?

No, you are not going to get a call from the love of your life if you forward a mail to a dozen people, you got to do it the old fashioned way, I'm afraid.

No one ever lost families or millions of dollars just by failing to forward a mail. If that was the case, Wall Street and the Stock Exchange would go broke. Every broker in the world would be busy monitoring the flow of chain mails and forwards. Just imagine that.

And no, your wish is not going to be granted at 12 midnight if you forward a mail to 50 people.

There would be no God anymore, people would be depending on software guys and techies to draft such mails and send them so wishes could be granted just by the click of a mouse.


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