Thursday, May 27, 2010

Google... a part of us literally

For most of us, Google is a big part of our daily lives, and I am no exception.

Even a simple thought on just about ”anything”, makes me automatically go to Google, type out my thoughts and voila! I get a million search results.

I am almost guaranteed answers to my questions, whatever they maybe. No wonder “Google” is now a verb and synonymous with search as is Xerox with photocopying.

From Britney’s shaved pate or Mallika Sherawat's hideous outfit at Cannes to valuable educational information, you can find it all in Google.

I can almost say, Google is like an emotional connection : whether its anger, joy, quest for something, thinking of someone, need to get a recipe. No matter what the question on hand, Google is like your unseen ‘Best Friend’ who has the answer to everything!

So how deep is the influence of Google?

Personally, a few months ago, the extent of Google influence hit me when my mother said ”Just go look for it on Google. You’ll find it” ! She firmly believes in the power of Google, thanks to Google reconnecting her with a long lost school friend of 33 years.


On mentioning a friend who stayed in the vicinity, my brother helped my mother search for her — on Google. They punch a few details : surname, potential city of residence and hit search.

The Google magic worked. My mother had successfully googled her friend, who now happened to be in USA. The long lost friends now talk often.

Google is almost a modern day panacea…, a virtual entity that we all are so attached to; rather obsessed with, in a good way!

I’m sure most of you reading this are nodding in agreement with this.

Correct.. right?

Ever wonder what life would be without Google?

Any takers??


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