Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bloggers' delight!

My family blogs. The whole gang.

And while we post away on irr/relevant topics we shoulder the responsibility of helping each other in what little way we can.

While we are on the subject of the 'Family', I must admit that my family is an unusual bunch. No, there is no domineering patriarch or an emotion supporting matriarch and an ever so lovable/ annoying twin brother who loves getting me in difficult situations and then comically helping me get out of it. He should do stand up, but I digress.

Rather, everyone takes equal importance in sharing different roles.

We have the Dad a.k.a Popz, a seasoned blogger, a lovable person, and a really funny guy with few if not many "dad-jokes" tumbling out alongside really funny one-liners and wicked jibes.

Then we have the Mom a.k.a huggles and to whom hugging comes easily. While I detest being called a 'momma's boy' by certain brats, I would like to confess to them that I'm an abnormal 21 year old who still plays childish games now and then and has invented several weird sounding names to address his mother.

FYI, I'm a hug person rather than a handshake person for as long as I can remember, thanks to her.

Then there is the Twin, the one fellow who not just looks, talks, walks like me but is also an extremely funny, annoying, and yet entertaining sibling. I have to say this even if tears well up in my eyes, that I would really miss him when we go our separate ways later on in life.

Well, that's my family. Small in size but big on love.

Kudos to the first family of awesomeness!

P.S : Here are their individual blog addresses.




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