Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big, Elegant & an overall Badass Macaw.....!!!!

I spotted this beautiful bird on one of my long runs towards the busier side of the city. The first noteworthy thing anybody would observe is the mere size of this bird. He’s huge! The cage he’s enclosed in is about 3 feet by 3 feet. The cage is 5 feet tall. This exotic bird imported from a south-eastern country is a perennial badass.

Check out what he’s doing in the picture below. It just seems to be hell bent to irritate humans around it.

He’s actually unhooking the metallic perch made specially for him. On asking the keepers to hook it back, they said they were tired of this bird as it was hell bent on being a constant headache to the pet store management. Smart bird if you ask me.

I clicked some more pictures of the macaw, see them and enjoy. This Macaw actually costs about Rs1,50,000 or equivalent of US$3750.

I liked the other birds they had there too, they were all beautiful, healthy and very attractive. Some of the pictures are attached below.

I managed to click all these pictures when the shop assistant began tinkering with his laptop. The cheapest bird comes to around Rs6000 equivalent to US$150.


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