Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The total Solar eclipse.... an experience to behold

January 15th turned out to be a normal day, except for the Sun not being its “complete” self.

It was a long lasting, rather rare Solar Eclipse that lasted for about 4 hours. This Solar Eclipse was seen mostly in the south-east region of Asia and was observed as a ‘ring of fire’ in many parts.

The picture taken is rather poor in nature as I kept an X-Ray paper on my mobile phone’s lens to click the Solar Eclipse.

Here is the second picture I took, the sun appears only fractionally covered although it was significantly eclipsed at that point of time.

The difference in ambient sunlight was a sight to see, similar to a very cloudy day. The temperature didn’t seem to fall like I thought it would. Between lectures, I just managed to click these pictures at about 13:40 when the Eclipse was supposedly at its maximum stage.

I wish I had a filtered telescope. I used the dark bands on an X-Ray paper to shoot these pictures and the result as you can see is disastrous. Some colleagues of mine managed with better luck and far better digital cameras. I still remain a proud owner of these two pictures.

P.S The next Eclipse is slated to appear on 11th July this year.


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