Monday, January 25, 2010

The Power Of Positive Thinking.....

I know a lot of people talk about “The power of positive thinking”, and how wonderful it is.

However, a lot of people think it’s a load of crap, and they’re partly right.

Let me explain… The thing is, thinking positive thoughts is very powerful, and can be a great thing for your life. However, there’s a difference between REAL positive thoughts, and denial and lying to your self.

Most people want you to be in a state of denial, where you’re telling yourself things that simply aren’t true. If you’re lying on your death bed, thinking that you’re in perfect health is a lie, and you’ll know it. If you have no money, thinking that you’re rich beyond your dreams is a lie. Lying to your self doesn’t work.

Here’s the trick: you need to think positive things that are TRUE. If you don’t have money, but you want it, and you need positive thoughts about money, try thinking “I like paying my bills on time.”, “I love having plenty of money in the bank.”, “I do good things with my money.”, etc.

If you’re sick, think things like “I’m becoming healthier every day.”, “I like it when I feel good.”, “I love having pain-free days.”, etc. Combine that with listing off the things in your life that are good, no matter how small they may be, and you start to change your way of thinking and looking at your life.

Make sure you really look for the good, even if a good thing in your day is that you got to eat food that you like, or heard a song you love. Remember, no good thing is too small to be thankful for.

So, no matter what people tell you, lying to yourself and being in denial is not going to make your life better. I know people that will see something bad in their life, or in another person, and they just pretend it isn’t there.

That is not going to get you anywhere. If something bad happens, denial won’t fix it. Accept that it is, and then allow yourself to think of what you would prefer.

As an example, if you get in a fight with someone, instead of pretending it didn’t happen, accept that it did, and think about how you would prefer your relationship with that person to be. It is crucial that you LEARN from bad things.

Every unpleasant event is a chance for you to change and grow. It happened to you or in your view, for a reason. You should learn from it so that it won’t happen again.

So, think positive things that are true, learn from bad things and mistakes, and experience the joy of growing into a wonderful and enlightened person.


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